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Our 4 Step Process

Initial Consultation- A Philadelphia Staging Company Consultant meets with the home sellers and real estate agent, goes over the process, budget and reviews the home. During this time we will be taking pictures, diagrams and measurements as well as brain storming every furniture piece, accessory and detail needed to complete the home.

Furniture Planning- When the home seller decides to proceed, the Philadelphia Staging Company Consultant meets with the furniture rental company that best fits the project. We then pick each piece that best suits the home and the seller's budget.

Moving Day- The Philadelphia Staging Company Consultant and assistants meet the furniture rental movers at the home and direct where all of the pieces should go.

Sold!- When the house is sold and escrow is almost closed we will then meet with the furniture rental movers spend a day de-staging the home

**We highly recommend keeping the home staged through the buyers inspection**

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